About the Brand

Heritage Rags is a streetwear brand that’s bringing the African style, design, and vibrancy of life to the world. The brand was born after years of research into how to expand the African culture, style, and independence of consumers’ choice to African design. Since the African culture and distinctive style is sometimes communicated through ingenuity and creativity, we were inspired, empowered, and encouraged to do this through clothing. Our products are designed to inspire and encourage conversation and are made for comfort and style.

Heritage Rags

Our logo reflects who we are. The crossed arms behind the traditional mask represent strength. The traditional African mask provides us with inspiration from the diverse heritage of the continent.

Although there are various symbolic meanings conveyed by different masks, in general, the mask represents our culture and highlights African spirituality. Thus the logo conveys our foundation of strength and culture.

Although the project was in the works since 2012, Heritage Rags was created in late 2017 by creative entrepreneur, Pete Amara. Pete is continually inspired by things we do in our daily lives that affect change as we bridge communities and cultures.

Peter Amara